Thursday, April 21, 2022

NY Intl Auto Show Part 2

I hope you are in the mood for more sights from the 2022 auto show in NYC!

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is getting a lot of attention for being a small pickup-y type of vehicle. I think this and the Ford Maverick are both going to sell a lot of vehicles. 

On the other side of the spectrum from the small trucks, how about the Supercharged Hemi engine in this Dodge! I think it was about 600HP!

This shows you the basic electrical platform from INDI EV, a new car maker in California. They are just starting to take orders for their all electric SUV you can see in the background and the next picture. 

The INDI EV has 475HP and a range of up to 300 miles. There are interior lights that can grow brighter to match the exterior lighting. 

As you can read, the new 2022 Lexus IS 500. Whatever various makers call this type of color, I still like it. 

SPOILER ALERT! This is a Lexus IMSA racer. 

Toyota had this electric concept vehicle, the Rhombus, on display.

Again I hope you can read, so I will point out that GR is the Toyota Gazoo Racing performance vehicles. 

Hyundai had several racy looking vehicles too. 

If you've been around you know the Nissan Z Car is all new, and here it is! Unlike the 240Z, 280Z, 300Z, 350Z, etc, the new one is just "Z."

Also in the Nissan area was this Formula E race car. They were also promoting the Formula E race that will return to Brooklyn in July. 

Whether this is a real car with an engine or just a display show car, I liked the huge diffusers in the rear. 

July 16-17 Formula E will be racing in NYC!

The new Ford Bronco continues to attract a lot of attention, and this big Raptor version of the Bronco was big!

The Corvette has been mid-engine for a few years now, but it's still awesome looking!

Corvette Stingray, the view most of us will have of it on the road. 

This is a Cobra bodied car that is all electric. 

This rental car company had this nice Ferrari you can rent!

Or you can rent this Lamborghini. 

This was an indoor ride-along experience with several brands of electric cars. Other driving opportunities were outside too, and the Ford display had their own ride along spot. 

This gold wrapped VW was on display from a vinyl wrapping company. 

Hummer 1 advertising for the US Marine Corps. 

Mercedes Wagon, that's all I know!

Cobra on display for Toys for Tots. 

Japanese market right hand drive Nissan Skyline. 

This all terrain electric ambulance was part of the display of all electric vehicles. Note the treads that hopefully allow it go anywhere. 

Even this street sweeper is all electric.

You've got to love the name Jetson for this electric mobility company! There are also test drives of these and other brands of e-bikes. 

Ford GT new and old. 

Here's something that is NOT a car, the "Vessel" in Hudson Yards, an attraction not far from the Convention Center. Although the Vessel is not open due to Covid, it is part of a big development that includes shopping and eating spots that are open, and close to the High Line elevated trail. 

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