Monday, April 11, 2022

Lemons South Carolina Race: Two Weeks Out


The Bunch of Idiots are signed up, registered, and just crazy enough to once again jump in the 89 Miata and try to run for 14 hours of racing at Carolina Motorsports Park on April 23rd and 24th. So far the weather is looking pretty good, with temps in the 70s, so much better than the hot Carolina summer time, and not freezing cold either. Precipitation wise, it's a bit far out to predict, but since the race goes run or shine, it won't matter much. Once you get wet and you're stuck in the rain, well, you can only get a certain amount of wet. 

The weekend will be pretty busy, with Friday dedicated to the car inspection, all the driver's safety gear getting the official OK, and then some of us will be testing/practicing on track for several sessions too. This (the driving) is my favorite part of the weekend, so with four drivers divided into 14 hours, that adds up to, uh, well, about, more or less, a LOT of driving compared to a couple of 40 second autocross runs! That's one main attraction to Lemons racing, getting more of what medical doctors call "seat time." OK, I made that up, really it's rocket scientists that call it "seat time." Nah, just drivers talk about seat time, because it's pretty much the best way to practice, improve your skills, and oh by the way, have fun!

Oh, back to the schedule, Friday then gets capped off with the one and only Lemons Block Party, where all the cars will roll into downtown Camden SC for a few hours of fun on Friday night. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and visit the Bunch of Idiots!

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