Saturday, February 12, 2022

Tool Box

OK, I know, it's winter and kind of slow in the car driving world, but things are starting to slowly warm up as the days get a bit longer too. We've already had the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, a few of those Formula E races, the F1 teams are revealing their new cars but not driving them yet, and we've even been to a new car show. Locally though we won't kick off autocross until March, so we've been staying in the garage and making sure the cars are ready to go. Other than cars, what's in the garage? Well, some tools, so I figured I'd show you my miniature tool collection. I'm not a full time mechanic, but it's still nice to be able to do SOME work on the car at home. 

Top drawer, random stuff like knives, scrapers, etc. 

#2: 1/4 inch socket set, tire repair, and odds and ends in the handy Altoids tins

#3: small 3/8 socket set, easy to grab and take on trips

#4: 3/8 sockets, shallow and deep, Torx bits, adapters

#5: 1/2 inch sockets and ratchet

#6: Ratcheting wrenches in SAE (inch) and metric. Almost never use the SAE set, 
so my advice is to just buy metric tools until you have to buy SAE. Ratcheting
wrenches are just way more fun than the non-ratchet kind!

#7: Non-ratcheting wrenches, SAE and metric

#8: Old torque wrench, hammers, level, combo wrenches, and
my trusty Willard Nixon model 6 foot folding wooden ruler with holster!

Bottom/Junk Drawer: Big C clamp and a bunch of random stuff. 


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