Saturday, February 26, 2022

Lucky Dog Race: Day 1 Results

Left to right, Brian, Kyle, Luke. 
AKA: A Bunch of Idiots Race Team

At the end of 7 hours of racing today at Carolina Motorsports Park, the Bunch of Idiots ended in 12th place overall and a solid 4th place in their Class. The team started the day having qualified right around 20th out of 40 cars that set times. From that mid-pack start they steadily moved up all day long, running as high as 2nd in their class at one time, before finishing just off the podium. Congrats to drivers Luke O'Hara, Kyle Ray-Smith, and Brian Nixon!

Driver Brian Nixon pointed out that the Lucky Dog Racing series has some unique rules to make the racing even up and down the field, and some of these rules likely impacted the standings. One big example is that for each track, there is a fastest lap time that drivers are not allowed to go faster than, so from following the timing on line I saw that several of the fastest cars were all running 1:50 laps, so they were being careful not to go beyond the fast lap limit and get penalized. 

Another safety rule is that pit stops for fuel must be a minimum of 5 minutes long. While that might not make sense in a race where you want to do everything as fast as possible, safety is a little more important. With the 5 minute rule, each team should easily meet all the fuel handling and driver swapping safety rules. The last thing you'd want is a fire, or a driver going back out on track without all the harness and other safety gear in place. 

Sunday's race will be a brand new race, so good luck to the Bunch of Idiots. The weather is looking like rain, so keep that Miata on the track! You can follow along Sunday on the Race Monitor App from your app store for just a 99 cent subscription, then you can cancel it anytime. Racing on Sunday goes from 9AM-11AM Eastern, an hour of quiet time at the track, and then the race continues from Noon-5PM. Full details at LUCKY DOG LINK

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