Thursday, February 17, 2022

3 Weeks to Autocross Kick-Off

July 2021 Autocross; Don't Hit That Cone!

Now that's we've got that dang Super Bowl out of the way, and things are warming up even in New York, it's time to look ahead to the 2022 season of Autocross driving for NMS-North. From their Headquarters on Long Island (which really IS a LONG island by the way), the team has announced another season in the Porsche powered 2009 Cayman, riding on OZ wheels shod with Hankook RS4 tires. For the most part we'll be riding on ATE brake pads in front, and looking to maintain position in the top 10 on PAX for the year. 

The #77 car will be driving at events at Tobay Beach and the Nassau Coliseum with the Porsche Club of America, specifically the NY Metro Region, so there will be tough competition all around with various years of Caymans, Boxsters, and a good number of 911s also. At a few events last year we saw some older Porsche models also, including a 914 that had a 911 Whale Tale grafted on the back! I'm not sure if this will be the year we see an all electric Porsche Taycan competing, but I'll bet they would do well in autocross competition. 

Before we get to that first event on March 6th, the NMS mechanics are scheduled to complete an oil change, oil and air filter changes, and take a good look around the car for anything else that might need done. On the top of that list is a spark plug change, and other than that the car seems to be running fine anyway. Later in the summer we're looking at some time driving on track, so a brake fluid flush will put us in good shape for that, as we continue to check the tread remaining on the tires, with a new set likely due before 2022 finishes up in November. 

Driving at autocross events is a TONS of fun (that's exactly 2,000 pounds of fun then, I'm sure that saying "tons" of fun just sounds more fun than "909 kilos of fun")

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