Friday, February 25, 2022

NMS Goes Lucky Dog Racing with Bunch of Idiots!

 NMS-South has announced that this weekend, February 26-27 that the NMS Miata will be on track again, with 7 hours of racing Saturday and 7 hours of racing on Sunday at the Lucky Dog Racing Series.This will be the first time for the purple Miata running the Lucky Dog race, so the team has been prepping with some new brake pads and rotors, and swapping to the race spec tire Hankook RS4s. 

Brian will be driving along with Kyle Ray-Smith and Luke O'Hara, so we wish these guys the best of luck. Oh, and one other cool thing about this weekend is that professional driver Randy Pobst will be there! Randy will also be driving in somebody's car, actually probably several people's car for a 1 hour stint, so stay tuned to see if Randy jumps in the #287 Miata with the Bunch of Idiots!

You can learn all about Lucky Dog races across the country at their website: LUCKY DOG

Their Facebook page also has info on what they are up to: LUCKY DOG FACEBOOK

One other fun part of the weekend format is that the two days with 7 hours of racing each day are considered two different races. The Saturday session starts with a qualifying session before getting down to racing, so that mixes it up from the 24 Hours of Lemons races.  

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