Sunday, February 27, 2022

Lucky Dog Race: Day 2 Results!

Luke O'Hara mans the extinguisher while Kyle Ray-Smith refuels the #287 in the rain. 

The Sunday race at Carolina Motorsports Park was held in 7 hours of rain, BUT, we're happy to report a PODIUM FINISH in Class B for the Bunch of Idiots, with an outstanding 2nd place in class, and 6th place overall! 

Now, you might be wondering why in the world would three guys get together and want to spend a nice Sunday driving for 7 hours in the rain, so here's a little secret: Because it's a lot of fun! Oh, and once in a while you do pretty well and take home a Lucky Dog trophy! 

Lucky Dog 2nd Place trophy in B Class!

All three drivers had a tough day dealing with the wet, the spray, reduced visibility, and lap times about 15-20 seconds slower than in the dry on Saturday.  Luke kicked it off at the start from 8th place on the first lap, and quickly moved up to FIRST OVERALL during his first stint. He and Kyle did the majority of the driving today, with Brian taking the wheel for an hour in the afternoon. The team performed a strategic fuel stop just before the end of the opening two hours, and then managed the rest of their pit strategy to perfection and were just 1 lap out of 1st in B class at the end of 7 wet hours. 

Congrats to the team for a solid performance over two days and 14 hours of racing. Brian reports that after Sunday's awards ceremony they carried the trophy back to their spot and noticed that one of the car tires was basically flat! So, let me say HUGE congrats to the team for a solid performance in finishing on the podium with a  leaking tire! Lucky dogs indeed!!

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