Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Northeast International Auto Show

VW ID.4 electric

For the first time in a while (thank you Covid) we were able to attend a real car show! Providence Rhode Island was the place, and with just a bit of snow on the ground, it was a great day for seeing plenty of new cars from a lot of manufacturers. We last visited this show in 2020, so that must have been just before things started closing across the country. At that time the two coolest new cars were the mid-engine Corvette as well as a new Ford GT500 Cobra. While we still haven't bought or driven either of those cars, here's a few highlights of what caught our eye in 2022.

Ford Bronco
We've seen a few out on the roads by now

Ford Bronco
Just like the old Bronco logo on the seats

Ford Bronco Sport

Ford Mustang Mach E electric
Still pretty new, still pretty weird to call it a Mustang

Ford Mustang
This was a hard top GT model, priced around $53,000
That's a LOT more than my 2004 Mustang was 18 years ago

Ford F150 Lightning electric truck
you'll notice no engine under the hood, so you
can store stuff in the FRUNK (front trunk)

Ford F150 Lightning side view

Ford Ranger Tremor edition
This was the only Ranger on display
I've been interested in the "new" Ranger, thinking ahead to 
needing a tow vehicle some day. 
With the tow package the Ranger can haul 7,500 pounds

The Ford Ranger starts under $30,000, but this 
one is a Lariat and Tremor package, so $47,000 

Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Tremor

This is the actual inside door of a new vehicle!
Any ideas? Check the next photo...

Ford Maverick. 
We've just gotten used to the new Ranger truck, and BAM, 
Ford comes out with the smaller Maverick truck!
This looks like the right size if you don't need a big honkin' truck. 
Still not a fan of bringing back the Maverick name, for those of us that
remember the small Maverick car of the 70s. 

Another new Bronco. These were getting lots of attention. 

Ford Bronco Sport. Ford seems to have gone all in on SUVs and pickups, 
as judged by the newish Ranger, Maverick Bronco, Bronco Sport, etc. 

This Bronco Sport starts at $28,000, just a few options plus
delivery charge and you're at $32,000

Don't be fooled by the Ford logo, this is a Nissan Frontier. 
Looked like a nice truck to me!

Our lovely model checks out the Nissan Frontier. 
Unfortunately they didn't have any of the new Nissan Z cars on display

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon, love the red!

Jeep Gladiator interior

It's a Jeep! It's a Truck! It's a Jeep truck!

Ram Power Wagon 

Ram Power Wagon. It's got a Hemi. 

This thing is a rolling billboard so you'll never forget what kind
of truck you bought. 

I liked the Ram Power Wagon logos and the cool storage boxes built
in to the side of the bed on both sides. 

It's not a McLaren. It's not a Ferrari. It's a built in the USA
Chevrolet mid-engine C8 Corvette!

Chevy Corvette. 

Chevrolet Camaro. More goodness in red!


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