Friday, April 2, 2021

Autocross Weekend Time Again!

Saturday April 3rd will be the local Porsche Club's 3rd autocross event of the year. Since I missed one of the two events, I'm sitting down in about 18th place overall, and looking to start moving up to hit my goal of top ten by the end of the season in November. 

In the last event I hit too many cones to score very well, so to fix that all I have to do is drive faster and hit fewer cones. It's a simple theory!

Since that last autocross I've also done a track weekend, and got some good practice at driving fast. One tip from the track that should help me in autocross is to get on the gas pedal earlier coming out of a corner. While my car performs well, driving in automatic (or PDK in Porsche speak) there is a slight hesitation when putting the foot down and feeling the power come on. Driving on track the instructors pointed this out to me, so applying on Saturday should help me out with a faster time. 

The cones that mark the autocross course are there to help you, up until the point that you knock one over and get a 2 second penalty added to your time. Maybe if we were autocrossing a 10 minute circuit those 2 seconds wouldn't matter so much, but when the entire run lasts only 42 seconds, 2 more seconds added on means you aren't going to win anything! Avoid those cones!

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