Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Lift Garage, Minneapolis

Odds are that you drive a car, and maybe you have a job too. When you think about it, maybe you NEED that car to have that job. Plus, that job feeds your family, and pays for where you live. While your car might not be the most important part of the equation, for a lot of people, that car is what makes the rest of their life possible. Taking care of that car is where The Lift Garage, a non-profit in Minneapolis MN comes in to help low income people with their cars. 

The Lift was started by Cathy Heying, who was working as a social worker, when she realized how important it was to many people to have a working car like I briefly explained in the first paragraph. She took this need so seriously that she attended an auto mechanic school and earned a degree in auto technology, and then started what is now The Lift Garage charity that helps people maintain their cars, and therefore their jobs, their income, house, food, care for their families, etc. Here's how they explain what they do: 

    "The Lift Garage is an affordable, non-profit auto repair service for all Minnesotans that   meet the 150% Federal Poverty Guideline. We charge only $15 per hour plus the cost of parts at no mark-up. We serve all counties in Minnesota. Full payment is due at the time repairs are completed. We do not accept payment plans. We accept cash and credit cards for payment, no personal checks. Arrangements with third-party payers can be made."

You can read all about their story at their web page: The Lift Garage

Besides the inspirational background, the website has some great tips if you're thinking of starting a similar charity where you live. To tell you the truth, this is how I heard about The Lift Garage, one day when I was Googling how I might be able to some day help people with their cars I was wondering if there were charities that did auto work. I've helped a friend or two with changing a flat tire, changing their oil, and even done some brake pads and a bit more, although mostly I've just been interested in saving money or helping my friends Maybe I'll do more of that when I really retire, just as a way to maybe help some people. 

If you're interested, you can also donate to The Lift Garage, and I'm sure they'll really appreciate it. I sent them a small donation, and it just made me feel good. Here's the donation link below, thanks. 

The Lift Garage Donate

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