Thursday, April 8, 2021

Weekend Weather: 100% Chance of DRIVING!

This weekend the NMS drivers will be busy, with NMS-South Time Trialing with the NASA Southeast region at Roebling Road in Georgia, while NMS-North returns to Tobay Beach NY for autocross with the Porsche Club of America. Whatever you have planned for the weekend, we hope you have a great time too!

One important part of vehicle maintenance is takin care of your car's brakes. If you want to drive it on the track, it's a lot of fun to figure out how to go fast, but it's even more important to be able to slow down! Our recent brake fluid change on the Cayman involved using an 11mm wrench to open the brake caliper bleeders, and while a regular wrench will get the job done, we splurged at the local Pep Boys and brought home this 10 and 11mm flare nut wrench. You can find Robert in 9th place in the club autocross standings at this link: Autocross Points

Brian recently earned his full Time Trial license with NASA, and one of their contingency programs with Toyo Tires earned him some cash good for new tires! Let's just say the amount of money was slightly less than the 20 million or whatever the top Formula 1 drivers earn, but a free set of tires is a pretty good deal! More info on this event is at this link: NASA-SE

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