Sunday, April 11, 2021

Porsche Project 9

It figures. We had an autocross scheduled for today, but a rain storm wiped it out, oh well. The next event will be in just a few weeks in May!

One thing about the Porsche is  that it's a little more expensive than the average car, so, therefore, any repairs or maintenance is also going to cost more. The other day I had one of those warning messages on the dash, and this is one I'd never seen before too! The message told me that one of the side marker lights was not on! Shocking! That was pretty cool that the warning was specific enough to tell me one of the lights was out. I looked at the front right side marker light, and sure enough it was not lit up. Dang. 

Oddly enough, the next time I drove the car, there was no error message, and sure enough the light was working. Long story short, after one trip to the auto parts store, I found the right size "lamps" and replaced both of them. They pop right out with your hands, and then it's not too hard to figure out how to get to the "lamps." 

I try to call these items "lamps" thanks to my friend Tom. After working in the entertainment backstage area, he informed me that "bulbs" are what you plant in the ground, and that a "lamp" is what lights up! Good to know!

The first time you do something it can be harder than the 2nd time you do it, like the photo above. The wire part under the index finger just pushes down to open up the slot for the lamp. It's doesn't rotate, come off, turn green, or anything else, you just push it down like the next photo: 

Above, the old index finger is pushin down on the wire, so now we can push the new lamp in there. 

Above is the lamp all secured in place, which also shows the rubber cover or boot over the end of the lamp housing. Just more protection for the connection I guess. One of them popped off, so I had to look at the fixture on the other side of the car to make sure I was putting it back in place the right way. 

The last photo below shows the same piece without the rubber cover boot. Now you know!

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