Friday, April 16, 2021

Sign Up For Our Fantasy Team Now!

The NMS squad is sponsoring a Formula 1 Fantasy League again this year, and we've got 13 teams signed up so far, and there's room for anyone else that wants to join. For each REAL race, like the one this Sunday, you have to join and select your drivers and team before Qualifying starts on Saturday. For this week, that means before 8AM Saturday Eastern time. 

1: Go to the website and join for free.

2: Then use this League Code to find the NMS-Racing.Net 2021 league, and join. 

3: You can enter up to 3 teams!

4: Then you can switch up your drivers or constructor team each week. The season ends in November. 

For each race you score points all kinds of ways, like for qualifying position, for place in the race, for number of cars passed in the race, and other ways that I should probably pay attention to more!

After the first race, we had only a few competitors complete their teams and score points, so things are pretty wide open, with 9 teams that will score for the first time this weekend. For now, here's the standings below. Good luck!

1: Robert Team 2        187 points

2: John D. Team 1        176 points

3: Robert Team 1            97 points

4: Robert Team 3                90 points

5: Andrew C. Team 1

6: Michael P. Team 3

7: Michael P. Team 2

8: Michael P. Team 1

9: Jackson S. "Don't Look Over Here" Team

10: Jackson S. "Carvid" Team

11: Andrew S. "Budget" Team

12: Andrew S. "Youngins" Team

13. Andrew S. "Powerhouse" Team

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