Tuesday, April 6, 2021

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2021!

Those pesky BMW people are still asking everyone to drive their cars! Just maybe they'd like you to actually BUY one, but in the meantime, NMS-North is signed up for the latest edition of the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience. If it's like the 2020 version I attended, they will give you a short classroom session on driving techniques...

BMW will likely give you a free water and some snacks and then send you out to drive one of their new cars for FREE, and FREE is my favorite flavor!

Besides the driving in a short autocross, you'll have a chance to see other new BMW models, and maybe even drive some of them also. 

Check out their website, because they have a LOT of locations scheduled for this year. Coming up April 16th they will be right here on Long Island, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to check it out. Since we've done this twice before (in NY and NJ,) we'll guarantee that you will have a blast driving BMWs for free!

The BMW UDE Website: BMW-cities

The list of cities: 

Long Island
Tampa Bay
Chicago North
New Jersey
Washington DC
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles
Orange County
San Antonio
New York City Citi Field
Chicago South

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