Monday, June 13, 2016

Auto Auction Estimate Time

Ahead of the auto auction on Wednesday, we visited the impound lot at Navy Base Norfolk, so here's a look at the cars that will be auctioned off this week. We'll describe what we saw, and then make a guess on what the car will sell for at auction. After the auction we'll do a quick review and see how close we came to the actual selling price. There are no minimum and no reserve on these auctions, and no guarantee that they run! What you see, is what you get! GO!

2001 VW Jetta.

Hmmm, $250 estimate.

Lots of cars to look at for this auction, so who knows how it will turn out!
1999 Chevy Blazer.

Has some potential, let's say $600.

2001 Ford Focus.

Looking a bit rough, maybe $300.

Who needs a hood that closes all the way or a driver window mirror!
OK, now we're talking, a cool old 1986 Jeep pickup truck.

Who wouldn't want to drive one of these things around?

Tires look OK, so maybe a sign that it runs.

Worth a shot at $100.
2011 Nissan Altima.

I didn't check this one out too much, but judging by the amount of pine needles, and the uneven wear on that tire, not too promising.

Still, only 5 years old, so if there isn't any damage it might be worth something to someone. $1,000.
1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT.

Hey, wow!

Not the oldest car in the auction, and certainly not the newest!

It's even got a sunroof, maybe someone will want to give $500 for it.
1998  Mazda Millenia.

OK, it's already got a black hood and is missing some trim, there's no key, but again, it's got a sunroof!

I'm going to guess that 50 bucks takes it.
1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Peeling paint, but probably lots of repair parts out there if you need them, and how much is a couple of cans of spray paint anyway!

Let's guess $400.
2008 Nissan Altima.

It's red-CHECK!

It has an engine-CHECK!

And it has wheels, how bad could an abandoned 8 year old car be?

Let's say $1,200 takes it on Wednesday.
2001 Honda Civic.

If Civics and Hondas still have a great reputation, this one is probably fixable, although I don't know whats wrong with it.

Maybe $700 will be enough for you to find out!
2004 Hyundai Tiburon.

You can probably see the hood is at an odd angle, so there must have been a front end collision of some sort.

Not too hopeful for this one, so I'll estimate it sells at $400.
1993 Nissan Sentra.

I rehad a 1986 Nissan Sentra that had a more square back end, so this one didn't quite give me any happy car-owner flashbacks, although it does have four doors.

No key available here, and it looks like the driver door doesn't really shut very solidly, besides that piece of trim on the ground.

I'll guess it doesn't sell.
With this 2002 Ford F150 we get into some interesting trucks!

You can see the damage on the right side that probably doesn't mean too much, and you can catch a glimpse of the special tail gate too. The truck bed is chock full of extra wheels and tires, so maybe they are included with the Ford. Now who doesn't need a full size pickup at a cheap price?

I'm thinking this goes for at least $1,000, you could make that by parting it out easy.
This full size cargo van looked pretty good on the inside, there are just the two seats up front, and a dividing wall so it's nothing but a cargo carrier.

2001 Ford E150 van, let's say it goes for $2,200.
More truck goodness, this time a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500.

This is the third white truck in a row, so if you didn't like the two previous Fords, maybe you want a Dodge.

Maybe the Dodge you're looking for will go for about $1,300.
Ford and Dodge? Forgettaboutit, here's a classic 1972 Chevy C10 that has $2,000 written all over it!
2000 Nissan Maxima that needs some TLC!

Usually TLC means Tender Loving Care, but seeing the front end damage on this bad boy, I think it means Totally Lost Cause.

Well...unless you have another Maxima that was totaled in the rear end and you want to combine the two in order to make one good car, good luck!

Maybe $25 for scrap.
Double Whammy!

Another front end special, this time it's a 2006 Ford Mustang.

Sorry, but I didn't even look to see if it was a V6 or V8, I was sad to see this little pony looking so beat up. Don't worry though, there's a couple more Mustangs coming up, including a nice bright yellow one!

This thing will get $400 and get sold for parts, the wheels are worth that much.
1998 VW Jetta, and it has a key!

It also is old enough to have plastic bits of it falling apart and disintegrating, much less the awesome puke green hood color!

Other than those things it really looked kind of OK, so I'm going to guess that someone handy with VW engines would buy this body and drop a new motor in there.

Hey, it's a GUESS, that's why this is fun! $300.
2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue.


I don't know why they named this car the way they did, maybe 15 years ago they were "intrigued" if Oldsmobile would last much longer. Maybe they knew that today Olds would be out of business, and youngsters would be "intrigued" with cars like this and ask "what the heck is an Oldsmobile, a car for old people?"

Not looking too promising here, I'm going to say it doesn't sell to anyone for any amount.
2006 Honda Civic. DING DING DING!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages, we have a winner! This looks to be the car in the auction in the best shape, so now all I have to do is Acura-etly predict the auction price. (You do know that Acura is the name of the Honda's fancy brand right?).

This thing will go for at least $5,000.

Don't worry, if it's about to hammer for $4,000 I won't bid it up just to come back on the blog and claim I nailed it either!
OK, a Mustang. A 6 cylinder, fake hood scoop, cracked windshield 2000 Mustang that at a minimum needs new belts under the hood.

See, Mustangs are my weakness, so I'm dreaming of buying this think cheap and fixing it up, probably influenced by my Dad's old 66 Mustang, or the 04 Mustang (same body as this) that I used to have. This one's not a convertible, not a V8, but, uh, well, it's still a Mustang!

2005 Scion TC.

OK, other than the fact that Scion is one of Toyota's brands, and that Scion is about to cease to exist, they make some fun little cars.

This one doesn't have a key, but I think it will find a new home this week for $1,000.
1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass. This car is 21 years old, so old enough to drink!

Dang man, another Oldsmobile. And it's a Cutlass. You might know that at one time the Cutlass was a pretty cool car. The bad news is that "one time" was about 1970, and it's 2016 now!

Not too interested in this one to be honest with you, but maybe someone will want to throw some giant wheels on it and paint it. For $200 I bet it can be yours!
2005 Nissan 350Z, this one has the 3.5 liter V6 engine.

Being a Z, it should attract some bidders, so who knows?

Maybe $1,500 takes it. I didn't really look at it, so I could be WAY OFF on this one.



Remember, "El Dorado" is Spanish for "THE DORADO."

See comments above on the last Oldsmobile, $200.
1995 Toyota Pickup.

Sorry I didn't get the model or any other info, it's a Toyota, so it probably still runs, even without an engine.

That's a joke, I'll be here all week!


Try the veal.
2003 Infiniti G35.

This is the car I was most interested in, hoping to find a running, awesome shape, high class, big motor G35.

From this view, it looks pretty good! I don't think the two tone paint job was stock, so maybe this is a great car that some motor-head took great care of! It even has a key!

Let's walk around and check out the ...

Dang, thought this was going to be an awesome car, and WRONG!

Big damage on the right front, airbags exploded, etc.

However, it's still an Infinit (fancy Nissan), so someone will want to be parting it out or hoping the motor is still good for $850.
I was running out of time to check out cars here, so I hurried through the next few.

This is a 2001 Acura Integra, and from this angle I was hoping to see the RS badge that indicates more horsepower, but no luck.

Another car I was interested to see was this 1997 Saab 900. Other than a lot of bird droppings, windows stuck open, other windows shattered, and the front bumper, well, it's still a Saab.

We have to put Saab in the same category as Oldsmobile and almost Scion since they are out of business too.

If you're looking for a project car, this one would be fun, but probably not more than $400 worth of Swedish fun.
Another big full size cargo van, and this one has shelving built into the back!

This 2000 Chevy Astro van can be yours at auction, let's say $1,200.
From this angle the 2001 Honda CRV looks pretty good.

It has a key, and the tires/wheels look pretty good.

I forget if it had airbags deployed, so who knows.

Maybe someone will want it for $800.
Last car at auction, and this one takes first place in the MBD department. That stands for




Plus it has some custom lettering on the back, but no key.
I'm not a fan of the yellow with black bumble bee color scheme, but maybe you're a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and really dig it.

Maybe this 2005 Ford Mustang will sell for $1,400.


  1. I'm fascinated to see what those sell for. There's a monthly abandoned vehicle auction for the city of VB coming up on Saturday that I was going to check out, but we bought a project Miata this week so the yard is officially full.

  2. I'm planning to go tomorrow and see what they sell for. Good luck with the Miata, there's so many of them it's always easy to find parts. Brian will be up here Sunday to autocross in his 99 Miata too.

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  4. What did the white Blazer sell for? I absolutly NEED it.


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