Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cars and Coffee Virginia Beach June Report

Classic VW Beetle
Normally I'd be a happy camper after attending a free Cars and Coffee, like the ones I've been to in Columbia SC, Charlotte NC, Carlsbad CA, and here in Virginia Beach, but today I have to report that this was the LAST free C&C in VA Beach. Apparently some hot-rodders with no respect were driving dangerously at the May event, and starting in July this event will charge admission. 
This has been a common theme at most C&C events across the country, typically a couple of idiots have to peel out and drive stupidly IN PUBLIC, and ruin what had been an informal/free event for other people. I can't blame the organizers, or the merchants that allow these events to take place in their empty parking lots before businesses open. I can't blame the majority of people that obey the law. I can just point out that in any given group of people there will be some idiots. 

Entrance to Cars and Coffee
So, right now I'm not planning to return to this event, even though it will only cost $2. So on the positive side, thanks to Java Surf Cafe and Espresso Bar for sponsoring this event, and thanks to the many people that behave themselves. Please enjoy these few photos from earlier today. 

And I'll quote guitarist/singer Junior Brown from his song "Highway Patrol," and remind everyone "If you wanna race, get on a race track."

Sign says "Crash Ahead". No thanks, I'll pass. 

The regular Cars and Coffee in Virginia Beach was rained out on June 4th (regularly the first Saturday of the month), so the NMS-North team headed out on June 11th and filed this report. Cars and Coffee in VA Beach takes place at the Promenade shopping center at 1860 Laskin Road every month.  It's not a competition, it's a casual informal gathering of fans of the motor car.

Early Morning Sunrise with Chevy SSR

Corvettes and Factory Five Cobras

The NMS FIAT 500 Abarth

Another FIAT 500 Abarth with Roll Cage

Alfa Romeo 164

Japanese Nissan Skyline GTR

Japanese? Right Hand Drive!

Nissan GTR Engine Bay

Alfa Romeo Engine Bay

Dogs and Owners like stickers!

"It's Just a NEON"


Nissan 350Z

Pirelli P-Zero 355/30 ZR19  makes for a WIDE Dodge Viper tire!


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