Thursday, June 23, 2016

NMS Showdown Results!

7 Short Policemen? Helmets to Borrow?
Last weekend Brian and Robert competed in North Carolina on Saturday (we both drove the same car on the same course on the same day) and somehow Brian was a lot faster! The NMS 2015 Ford Fiesta ST was running on well worn tires, but it held up over 12 runs with the North Carolina Region of the SCCA, on a wonderful weather day. The day had 80 competitors, and we know that our times weren't very competitive overall, but our focus was on the inter-team battle for bragging rights. For the record, Brian ended up 29th fastest, and Robert was down in 35th. We were both in the top half of all competitors,and we'll award Brian with the NMS Driver of the Day!

Here's the results with all the 80 driver's PAX adjusted times: NCR Results LINK

Small car on huge trailer! FIAT Abarth at Cherry Point

How about a few photos from Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point? We can also confirm that the sound of the Marine Harrier jets taking off and flying overhead is officially "loud!" Some folks refer to that specific noise as "the sound of freedom!"
Brian preps the Fiesta ST 


NMS Helmets at the Ready!

Let's Drive!

Lotus type

Brian Demonstrates Proper Inter-Cooler Cooling Technique!

Sunday's second event of the weekend ended up with just Robert driving the FIAT Abarth, and winning the G Street class to maintain his perfect Tidewater Sports Car Club GS class season, with four wins in four events. However, in the interests of honesty, there were no other cars in the class, but that still makes it first place for the season! The NMS Abarth placed 35th fastest overall from 95 drivers, so right about where it usually places. Results are at this TSCC link: TSCC Results LINK

Brian did a great job of volunteering instead of driving, and was working in the timing and scoring trailer for one run group, and then did a double-duty as a driver instructor for Novice drivers on another run group. Thanks for all the help Brian, that was a great Father's Day, even though you beat me on Saturday!  Here's a few photos from Sunday, and a link to the next Tidewater autocross coming up in July!  July TSCC LINK

Team NMS Selfie

1958 Morgan Roadster


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