Tuesday, May 12, 2015

VOLVO: Built in America!

You've seen the Ferrari "Prancing  Horse"? Meet the Volvo Prancing Moose!

Yes, it's a big bad wide wide world of international business out there, to include car makers that build their products all over the world. Add VOLVO to this list, as they have announced that later in 2015 they will break ground on a half-billion dollar facility near Charleston SC to build Volvos in the US. Did you ever think you'd see Swedish cars built in the US? No, well then you're still OK, because Volvo is now owned by the Chinese auto maker Geely, so what we're really announcing is that the first Chinese cars will be built in the US!

Official Motto of NMS: Don't Hit Anything!

An article in the USA Today ARTICLE LINK newspaper mentioned the Volvo story, and had a cool map of car factories in the southern part of the US, so it was a reminder that South Carolina already has a BMW plant. NMS is always happy to remind you that the BMW folks are very friendly and sponsor an awesome European car show the third weekend of every October. If you're anywhere near Greenville-Spartanburg SC in October, it's the place to be! With the addition of Volvo a few hours away down in Charleston, this will put Nixon Motor Sports South smack dab in the middle of these two great companies! Throw in the Michelin Proving Grounds, and you can see that South Carolina is a nice place to drive!
Prancing Moose version 2

Now that I've gone and plugged the USA Today a bit, I must point out that I'm confused that their article mentioned a Mercedes Benz factory in South Carolina, but a little further research shows that MB has a truck final assembly plant near Charleston that will also expand to eventually build their Sprinter vans.
Volvo 1800, yes it's on my Wish List!

So while we're talking Volvo, I'll throw in a few interesting Volvo related photos from the aforementioned Euro Auto Show held at the BMW factory.
Dear Volvo, You can make this one again!

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