Saturday, May 23, 2015

Scenes From Brian's Track Day

Brian outside the #86 Miata off the track!
Last week Brian posted about his two days of driving at Carolina Motorsports Park, and our team photographer was also on hand to walk the grounds, check out the other cars, and watch some of the on track action while taking these photos too. If you think autocross drivers are really into their rides and have a lot of gear, well, you need to check out some track events near you and see some of the rigs and cool track cars! You can still get on track with your daily driver that gets you to and from the track, but there is just a whole 'nother world out there of track car fanatics with the trailers, RVs, extra tires, and tools to prove it!  Enjoy the tour!

I believe this is a Legends car 

Spotted this new Mustang with the Stig license plate somewhere in North Carolina!

Nissan B210

Formula car and trailer, and a couple of RVs

Camping on the trailer and enclosed trailer

FIAT Abarth ready for the track

How to cool the engine, BIG FAN VERSION!

Brian at the finish line of one driving session

How to cool the engine, BAG O'ICE VERSION!

Are race tires sticky? Check out the rocks!

Carolina Motorsports Park May 16 2015

Yes, if I had a Viper I'd have a Viper trailer!

Ariel Atom. Basically two seats with an engine!

Ariel Atom

Hoosier makes great racing tires!

FIAT Abarth

Brian in the #86 Miata on  the track!

Sponsors: Hawk brakes, Toyo Tires, NASA racing

The #86 Miata doesn't sleep, it only rests, in the shade...


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