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Subtitle: "Here's Some Stuff You Don't See Every Day!!"

This local hang-out meet-up non-competitive non-hyphenated event takes place on the first Saturday of the month, and makes for a friendly way to get out of the house and go do informal car meeting-greeting!  Here's a short look at some of the scenery on May 2nd.

Coolest car of the day for me goes to this Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster. I've seen maybe one or two Diablos before,  and while I'm no expert on the various models of Diablo, this one was different!

Here's the full view of the Diablo, and in the next shot take a look at the how many of this model were built.

HINT:  It's less than 50.


Diablo VT Roadster...Production = 46.
And here's the interior of the Diablo, I can't quite make out the signature on the passenger sun visor, but the last name looks like Lamborghini.

2nd place for coolest car, and also from Italy, is this cute little guy from FIAT. Until today I had only seen them in magazines or reports of car auctions, so it was a treat to see one in person.

Do you know what it is yet?

HINT 1: Yes, it's a FIAT
HINT 2: It has a canvas top and WICKER seats!

As you might guess, the two items in hint 2 don't exactly make this a big hit in the winter time!

However, if you live near the beach, enjoy nice weather most of the year, this would have to be your go-to cool mobile if you want to drive something that no one else will have when you cruise to the local drive in and hang out.
HINT 3: Fooled ya, no more hints. Just wanted to point out that not only is this a pretty rare vehicle to spot in the wild, but that this one has a little something extra in the passenger seat.

Hailing from Duck NC, DUCK DONUTS are probably the coolest donuts around these parts. In fact, they ARE the #1 ranking donuts as listed in the Virginia Pilot newspaper just last Sunday!

I've conducted numerous taste tests on DUCK DONUTS and several competitors, and this right here is #1!
ANSWER: This is a FIAT 500 Jolly.

No, I don't think his name is Roger as in Jolly Roger, the car model name really is Jolly. Just click on the photo for a closer look if you don't believe me!

Bet you didn't think you'd see a FIAT JOLLY when you woke up today did you?

While we're looking at hot Italians, here's a little red head I'm sure anyone would love to have. This is one of two Ferraris I spotted today, the classic V12 TestaRossa. While Ferraris really do come in other colors the classic red fits the name of this car since the model name translates as Red Head in honor of the red engine.

Maybe on any other day this car would be my number 1 pick, but after seeing the even rarer Diablo and Jolly, sadly this guy has to settle for third place today!

Hey, a fellow FIAT 500 Abarth, this one in Grigio or gray! Always good to see another one out on the streets, so this one next to a Porsche really caught my eye. The FIAT is known to be a small car, but holy smokes it makes the Porsche look tiny! 

The FIAT really does have a lot of head room and is comfy for the two people up front, but you pretty much don't want to ride in the back!

Wait a minute, there's an odd badge on this car...
On the left you can see the 595 Competizione badge, which in Europ would mean it's the Abarth model with a higher power engine.

Here in the US it probably means that the owner bought the badge and put it on his US model Abarth! With 160 horsepower, the Abarth is a lot of fun!
Oh and one more thing different about this car, it's got a red roll cage added!

Up front I also noticed some after market seat belts, so even though I didn't find the owner to ask about their car, I'll guess that they take it out on some track or high performance driving events.

OK, leaving the Italian cars behind, here was a one of a kind customized Rat Rod, and this thing just has so much cool all over it that I think I stepped in a puddle of it.

Cool headlights, engine sticking out, Edelbrock parts, cool roof, it's just C-O-O-L!
The nice body with this color really caught my eye to I walked over to take this side shot and then BAMMITY BAM BAM!!!!!!! I noticed the hand holding the passenger side view mirror!

Lots of nice details and unique stuff on this car!
I liked the wheels on the rat rod so was zooming in to take a shot, and got this distorted reflection of the Corvette parked next to it.

Don't forget to notice the nice white-walls on the tires too!
Shoot, wouldn't you know it, on the other side was another cool car in the reflection, a new Ford Shelby GT 500, kind of a quick snapshot historical perspective of maybe 80 years of Ford!

Nice rear badge.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights from Cars and Coffee at Virginia Beach held this morning.

If you are in the area head for 1860 Laskin Road on the first Saturday of the month and enjoy the view, or look for a car show or Cars and Coffee type event near you!

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