Saturday, March 21, 2015

Motor Trend Auto Show PART TWO

All righty then, let's cut to the chase and check out the coolest cars at the Richmond Motor Trend Auto Show this weekend!
It's not red, but it does wear the Stallion Rampante on the front grill from Modena Italy, so maybe the name Ferrari rings a bell?

This is not a two seater sports car, but the Ferrari FF, which translates to all wheel drive, with 4 seats.  WHAT?  A Ferrari that you could actually use to haul more than one supermodel with no luggage?

YES! Plenty of room and horsepower for THREE supermodels with a little bit of luggage!


The BMW i3.  No, it's not made by Apple with the letter i, that's just BMW's way of letting you know it's an awesome all electric car.  Brian and I test drove the i3 last year, and it was quite impressive on the road, and it was nice for two lane and highway driving.

What we didn't know last year was the price once it got to the US, and now I can tell you that the window sticker I saw on this one was $51,000.
It's still an awesome bit of technology, but just a bit pricier than say the FIAT 500e electric.

Sorry this is out of focus, but trust me, this is the BMW window sticker that says it's a 51,000 dollar car.

On the positive side, it gets the equivalent of 124 MILES PER GALLON, so that's not all bad!

Bond....James Bond!

I mean, JAGUAR.....F Type

Back in the old E Type days of Jaguar, in other words, "the 60s", you might have heard of this convertible referred to as a DHC.

Double hellaciously cool?   No.

Dueling Hemi Car?   No.

Drop Head Coupe!  Yes!

I have to confess I'm not familiar with the company that builds this thing, but this "thing" seems to be an aluminum Cobra roadster replica.

Man, I bet it would look good without the body, it's just that cool!

Hey wait a minute, it DOES look cool without the body on it. Wait a minute and I'll show you!

Not bad I'd say!


Hmmm, it's a 4 seater convertible.

Wait a minute, looks like the BMW logo on the steering wheel.

2 series?   No.

4 series?   No.

Something else?   Yes.

OK, I give up.

An M6.  Remember, in BMW lingo the letter M means crazy powerful.

Well shoot, those nice car making Bavarians from the Hoffbrau Haus, or Munchen, or Munich surely would be making some fine automobiles that just about ANYONE could afford right?

Let's take a look at one more window sticker for this nice high performing German 4 seater convertible.  How bad can it be?

It's $131,000 bad!

Well, it does average all of 16mpg averaged between  highway and city!

And you get 4 years/50,000 miles of free maintenance, so that's worth a lot!

One feature (for $1900) is the Driver Assistance Plus, which includes an "Active Driving Assistant".

I think his name is Rolf. Or maybe Sebastian Vettel.

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