Tuesday, March 24, 2015

May Track Day Confirmed: Time to Upgrade

NMS South is excited to announce our confirmed entry of the 99 Miata in the May 16th and 17th track sessions at Carolina Motorsports Park (CMP) with NASA!  To prepare for that track time there are a few upgrades the car needs for safety. While we're at it, the car is getting numerous upgrades to prepare it fully to the specifications allowed in ES class SCCA autocross.  The parts have started arriving and more will be ordered as the team prepares for a full weekend of installations in mid-April.
Shocks, clutch kit, and swaybar with accessories.  More to come...
-New clutch (current one is aging and slipping)
-New shocks (adjustable Koni shocks, specialized bumpstops, bushings)
-New front sway bar with adjustable end-links (to help work with the shock upgrades)
-Rollbar (for required track safety and generally good idea)
-Second set of stock seats, which will have all foam removed to let me sit down in the car for better rollbar clearance (thanks again to Kyle for snagging a good deal at a local junkyard!)
-Brake pads (more aggressive compound for heavy-duty track use)
-Tons of stickers and even a tshirt

April is going to be the Miata's biggest month yet!  Check back in a few weeks to see how the work progresses.

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