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90 People Are Doing WHAT? AUTOCROSS!!

NMS-North is counting down the days until March 22nd when our local autocross season will start with the Tidewater Sports Car Club.  Just for fun, here's a listing of drivers currently entered.  You can see a good range of cars, although overall I'd say we have a lot of fast cars here.  Not a lot of entries in the FIAT's class, but getting out and driving to have fun, improve your personal skills, and meeting the other folks is what it's all about! You can read more about this particular event at the info page of:  





2015 March Autocross  Tidewater Sports Car Club   Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pungo, Virginia Beach, VA

Members Ladies Class Entries   6 entries
# Name Modifier YearMake

10 Parham, Kali Street Touring Sport 1994Mazda Miata

47 Fehr, Melissa Super Street 2010Porsche Boxster S

76 Humphries, Stephanie Street Touring Sport 1991Mazda Miata
83 Kuruc, Pinar F Street Class 2013Chevrolet Camaro RS"HUGO"

88 Baker, Jamie A Street Prepared 2004Subaru Impreza WRX STi

475 Manke, Jennifer A Street Prepared 2000Porsche 911

Members Novice Class Entries   10 entries
# Name Modifier YearMake

3 Gay, Dennis Street Touring Xtreme 2007Mazda RX-8

4 gonzalez, mark A Street Prepared 2013Scion frs

5 Barnes, Will D Street 2008Volkswagen R32

26 Ware, Michael Street Touring Xtreme 2002Audi Base TT Quattro

37 Sweeney, Scott Street Touring Xtreme 2009Volkswagen GTI

95 Wall, Wayne Street Touring Sport 1997Mazda miata

99 Sipe, Neil Street Modified 1995Mazda Miata

124 Frazier, Conner Street Touring Sport 1991Toyota MR2

128 Frazier, Cooper Street Touring Roadster 1988Toyota MR2 SC

182 Frazier, Pete Street Touring Roadster 1988Toyota MR2 SC

Members Open Class Entries   54 entries
Super Street   
# Name Modifier YearMake

68 Portanova, Marc Super Street 2008Porsche GT3

78 Olson, Alan Super Street 2006Lotus Elise

87 Fehr, Stephen Super Street 2010Porsche Boxster S

B Street Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

16 Laferty, AJ B Street 2009Pontiac Solstice

42 Dasher, Steve B Street 2013Subaru STi

C Street Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

7 Brubaker, Scott C Street 2006 Miata

13 Warden, Greg C Street 2008 Miata

14 Campbell, Emory

117 Brown, Justin
2013Scion FRS

D Street Class  
# Name YearMake

168 Moore, Benjamin 2015Subaru WRX

E Street Class  
# Name Modifier YearMake

44 Thorpe, Mike E Street 2002Miata

G Street Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

77 Nixon, Robert G Street 2013Fiat Abarth

Street Touring FWD   
# Name Modifier YearMake

96 Skiba, John STF 2003Toyota Matrix XRS

Street Touring Sport   
# Name YearMake

6 Davis, Neal 1994 Miata

60 Parham, Russ 1994 Miata

176 Wells, Brian 1991 Miata

Street Touring Xtreme   
# Name Modifier YearMake

50 Cooke, David STX 2013Scion FR-S

86 Ord, James STX 2006Subaru WRX

90 Knipple, Matthew STX 2013Scion FR-S

94 Kasmire, Keith STX 1997BMW 328is

98 Monn, Andrew STX 1993BMW 325is

Street Touring Ultra   
# Name Modifier YearMake

12 Teixeira, Filipe STU 2011Hyundai Genesis R-spec

30 Spencer, Mark STU 2013Hyundai genesis coupe

Street Touring Roadster   
# Name Modifier YearMake

55 Crusoe, David STR 2004Honda S2000

72 ardolino, charles STR 2002Honda s2000

Street Modified Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

48 Long, Brendan SM 2011Subaru STI

155 Barnes, William SM 2012VW GolfR

Street Modified FWD Class   
# Name YearMake

20 Villalba, Joe 1993Honda Civic Cx

A Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

34 Hinton, Philip ASP 2005Subaru WRX STI

B Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

23 Carr, Steven BSP 1973Datsun 240Z

39 Carr, Andrew BSP 1973Datsun 240Z

C Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

17 Schmidt, Doug CSP 1995 Miata

89 Ewing, Jim CSP 1999 Miata

187 Schmidt, Jeff CSP 1995 Miata

D Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

54 Florance, Peter DSP 1999BMW 323i

67 Janzen, Marty DSP 1993BMW 325i

154 Keiler, Doug DSP
BMW 323

167 Bleh, Thomas DSP 1993BMW 325i

E Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

197 Anderson, John ESP 2014Ford Frankenstang

F Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

33 Clifton, Joe FSP 2009VW Jetta

79 Maples, Keith FSP 1979Honda Civic

X Prepared Class  
# Name Modifier YearMake

21 Lisner, Jason XP 2000Chevrolet Corvette FRC

74 Houchins, Mark XP 1965AC FACTORY FIVE

91 Vincent, Thomas XP 1965Factory Five Cobra

C Prepared Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

25 Riner, Timothy CP 1994Ford MUSTANG

125 Riner, Stephen CP 1994Ford MUSTANG

E Prepared Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

11 Bauer, Robert EP 1989Acura Integra

F Prepared Class   
# Name Modifier YearMake

2 Lisner, Marc FP 1974Porsche 911 Slantnose

15 Anderson, Brad FP 1995BMW 325is

115 Anderson, Jenny FP 1995BMW 325is

E Modified Class   
# Name YearMake

56 Smith, Bobby 1973Porsche

Classic American Muscle - S   
# Name Modifier YearMake

27 Crimmins, Axel CAM - S 1964Chevrolet Corvette

Kart Modified   
# Name Modifier YearMake

36 Churchill, James Kart Modified 2006Track Magic Kart

Formula Jr A - 12-18 yrs  
# Name Modifier YearMake

81 Schmidt, Hailey Formula Jr A - 12-18 yrs 2006Firstkart Briggs

Members Street Tire PAX Class Entries   3 entries
# Name Modifier YearMake

28 Nowell, Johnny C Street Prepared 2009Mazda Miata

65 Laychak, Robert B Street Prepared 1990Chevrolet Corvette

75 Manke, Brian A Street Prepared 2000Porsche 911

Non-Members Novice Class   11 entries
# Name Modifier YearMake

200 Boatman, Josh SM 1996 Camaro

201 Slade, Robert A Street 1988Pontiac Fiero

202 Jache, Jamie A Street 1988Pontiac Fiero

210 Gifford, Steven F Street 2004Ford Mustang GT

217 FOLK, SEAN Unknown 1997Nissan 240sx

222 guinn, patrick STU 2013Ford mustang

271 Kartchner, Chelsea B Street 2007Honda S2000

273 Sofley, Brian G Street 1988BMW 325

283 Kuruc, Semih F Street 2013Camaro RS"HUGO"

300 Rogers, Michael E Street 1992 Miata

310 Knight, Christopher F Street 2013 Camaro

Non-Members Open Class   5 entries
C Street Class   
# Name YearMake

311 Herrera, Danny 2013Toyota FR-S

H Street   
# Name Modifier YearMake

211 Hartley, Judson H Street 2004Saturn Ion

D Street Prepared  
# Name YearMake

313 Sexton, Mark 2013Subaru WRX

E Street Prepared   
# Name Modifier YearMake

212 Gilbert, Sean ESP 2014Ford Mustang GT

Unknown Class   
# Name YearMake

227 Fileas, George 2014Ford Mustang 3.7 v6

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