Thursday, March 27, 2014


Three days to the next autocross, and I'm sure by now the media, TV networks, and all motor sport journalists are packing up and heading for Darlington, home of the NASCAR race on the track that is "TOO TOUGH TO TAME"!  More specifically, they are heading to the parking lot behind the main grandstand for the autocross event on Sunday, in the "PARKING LOT TOO TOUGH TO TAME"!

Meanwhile in the real world, drivers from around SC and even parts of NC will be in Darlington, without any media coverage, where they will have a fun day of driving, trash talking, and comparing notes on their cars and driving techniques.  Everyone that drives also spends part of the day in a work assignment, whether it's registration, timing, picking up all the cones I knock down, or another one of the many jobs it takes to have a smooth running event.  The payoff for the work assignment is driving, and judging from the 84 folks that showed up in Charleston last month, it works out to be a good deal!

Exciting news (if you drive a Fiat), is that right now we have 3 Abarths entered for Sunday, so I'm happy to see more Italians entered, especially the two other guys that will be out there Sunday since I've met them at other autocross events.  They have a few more mods on their cars than I do, so even though they will be in STC class, the interesting thing will be to see how we compare on raw time, as well as comparing our PAX adjusted times.  Since I'm in a slower class (G Street), I might be close to them on PAX, but it still comes down to driver performance for the most part. One bit of trivia in this case, I know that all three of us will be driving on the same model  Dunlop Direzza ZII tires, so while that may not really mean anything, at least in that part of performance we're on the same foot, so to speak!

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