Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Darlington Results

Andre did an awesome bit of driving, with his first run in the 43 second range, and then from there he just started cranking it up every time for 6 runs, ending up in the mid 36s!!! I was riding with him most of the time, and it was incredible to see the gain in speed as his time dropped on every run. By the last run, he was in the 35s, but hit two cones, so his fastest clean run is below.

You can see I'm in 4th place, slowest Fiat on the day! But the good news is that I managed to totally go too fast and lose control on one run, with a massive spin before coming to a stop. That's the first time I've pushed the Fiat and lost grip, so let's call that a learning experience!

As far as our class goes for the year, right now I'd have to say it's going to be a battle between the Focus ST and everyone else! The two drivers sharing the Focus took 1st and 3rd, and while Andre and I in the Fiat took 2nd and 4th.

Our next autocross will be April 27th at the Michelin Proving Grounds in Laurens SC, so that should be a great one. Before then, Brian will be in Charlotte this coming weekend for a two day autocross driving school, so we will see him in autocross competition up at Michelin.

In the photo below Andre is walking the course before the competition. We were lucky enough to walk with Patrice back there in the blue shirt too. He was the fastest PAX time of the day out of all 73 cars, driving his Fiat Abarth in the STC class. All in all a great day, lots of fun, and a fellow Fiat in first, with Andre really driving smoothly in his first time out!

(you can find more photos at our Flickr site at the link over there on the right of this page)

gs - 'G Street' Total Entries: 7 Points Event #1 at Darlington
Justin Robinett
2013 Ford Focus ST
Andre Goncalves
2013 Fiat 500 Abarth
Zach Bohach
2013 Ford Focus ST
Robert Nixon
2013 Fiat 500 Abarth
Terry McClure
 VW Scirocco
Johathan Clark
Lexus GS300
Robbie Solesbee
2004 Ford Mustang

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