Sunday, March 23, 2014


(This post was written before the competition at Darlington today, so for now I'll share the first photo of three Fiat Abarths that competed above.  Full results will come later, but Patrice the driver in the middle took overall fastest PAX time on the day out of about 75 competitors, and my co-driver Andre was faster than me and took 2nd in GS.  Not sure if we will get total PAX results for all Street category...more to follow)

To get ready for today's autocross, last night I changed tires, checked the oil, coolant, and brake fluid levels, and then loaded up the mighty Fiat.  Next I tweaked my digital tire gauge and got it going again, so my best guess is that the two watch type flat batteries in it just aren't the greatest. As a bit of insurance, I threw a cheapo tire gauge into the car just in case the gauge has a bad hair day today.

Check list wise, all the basics are ready to go, including a hat for being outside all day, and some food and water.  Today I'm hauling the big 10 by 10 awning and some chairs, just in case we get the wet half of the 50% chance of rain. After driving the pick up truck most of Saturday while hauling some stuff to where it needed to go (trash to dump, excess stuff to Goodwill, extra bed frame to a friend's house), it will be great to steer the #77 Abarth around some cones today.

The on line registration currently stands at 73 entries, and 17 of them are in our Street category.  Later tonight or Monday I'll get around to posting some results and hopefully some photos from the Parking Lot Too Tough To Tame at Darlington Raceway.

In the mean time, here are the before and after shots of the car in the garage last night, going from the 16 inch Pirelli to the 17 inch Dunlop tires.

Hey, just for fun, can you find 5 differences between these two photos?  I'll give a free NMS t-shirt to the first person to comment on this blog and list 5 correctly!


  1. Top - Driver Door Open / Bottom - Driver Door Closed
    Top - Rear Hatch Open / Bottom - Rear Hatch Closed
    Top - Driver Seat Reclined / Bottom - Driver Seat Forward
    Top - Red Trim Rims / Bottom - Different Rims
    Top - Garage Floor No Tire / Bottom - Garage Floor Tire

  2. Top - Work Light Off / Bottom - Work Light On
    Top - White Bucket showing / Bottom - White Bucket Covered
    Top - Broom (?) on floor / Bottom - Broom (?) hanging with ladder

  3. OK, Bryan is the winner! To be honest I didn't notice the driver seat being in a different position untill you mentioned it!

  4. If you send me your address to my email I'll get a t-shirt in the mail to you! Thanks for playing our game!

  5. Dang, I didn't notice the broom either! You get bonus points for that one!

  6. Found another one: drawer in rolling tool box closed/open!


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