Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bob's 2014 Autocross Goals

This is kind of strange to put my goals on paper, but here goes.

Win a million dollars.  Wait a minute, I'm not going to win any money at autocross, rats! Back to reality.

1. Compete in all the South Carolina Region events this year.   Last year was my first year, so I only entered 4 events for points, 1 other one in Novice class, and 1 other one that I drove Brian's car in a different class.  Driving in every event hopefully will result in more experience, more points, and naturally more fun!

2.  Finish each event safely, with no mechanical issues.  Whew, that sounds easy enough since my car is less than 2 years old, but still a good reminder to always check the fluids, brakes, wheels, tires, and etc. to make sure things work how they should.  At least it's much easier to see if the car is working OK than to make sure the driver's brain is properly engaged.

3.  Score points at each event.  With the combination of all eight Street categories into one this year, there will be a lot of competition. Last year sometimes we only had three people in GS, but this year it will be a lot more and tough to always score points.

4.  Most points for GS cars.  There you have it, that's my goal.  Last year I had the 2nd most points, so I pretty much have to crank it up a notch and shoot for 1st place in GS.

5.  Top 5 in Street.  This will be much harder than #4, just by the much larger number of cars that will be competing.  We had 28 entries at the non-points event a few weeks ago, and I was 5th there.  Over the entire season, I know there will be more drivers coming out to compete, and a lot of drivers that were faster than me last year, so this would be a pretty good accomplishment against tons of competition.

6.  Improve RAW and PAX places.  At each event, besides competing against our class, we also get to see our raw and adjusted times to ALL drivers regardless of class.  In our first event last year we were in the bottom 20% of the field, and gradually improved our skills and by the end of the year were managing to finish in the top 50% of the field, so this is a good way to really see where you stack up against everyone.  With some of our events having over 100 or even over 200 drivers, that's a pretty large pool of talent to go up against and see where you rate.

The first event will be on March 23rd, so we'll see how things go from here.

Stay tuned as we autocross once a month for the rest of the year!

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