Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Vettel or Ricciardo to NMS in 2023?

 Sebastian Vettel on the left, NMS Chief of Public Relations Brian Nixon on the right


We're here at the NMS World Wide HQ to look into reports that multiple Formula 1 drivers are leaving the big money jet-set crowd in F1 to race for NMS in 2023. It is public knowledge that 4 time World Champion Sebastian Vettel has announced his retirement from F1 at the end of the current season, and just today we learned that Daniel Ricciardo will not be driving with McLaren next season also. Let's cut to the live Q&A with NMS Chief of Public Relations Brian Nixon: 

Q: What can you tell us about the availability of Vettel and Ricciardo for NMS next season?

BN: I have been authorized to make the following statement, which I think speaks for itself. "NMS confirms that multiple world champion, and current Aston Martin F1 driver Sebastian Vettel might be one of our drivers for next year." In addition, I can now confirm, following the announcement from both McLaren F1 and their driver Daniel Ricciarodo the following. "NMS confirms that multiple race winning driver, Australian Daniel Ricciardo might also be one of our drivers next year."

Q: OK, well, no offense, but what do you mean by "might" be one of your drivers?

BN: Like I said, I think the statement speaks for itself. 

Q: OK, but again, what do you mean? Can you confirm that Vettel or Ricciardo WILL drive for NMS next season?

BN:  Maybe. 

Q: Do you mean "Maybe they will drive for you" or do you mean "Maybe you can confirm this?"

BN: Yes. 

Q: What? Really? Can you just answer the question?

BN: Which question do you want me to answer? You've asked several already. 

Q: OK, answer this one: Will Vettel drive for your team next year? That should be a simple yes or no answer!

BN: All of the above. 

Q: Could you expand on that?

BN: By "All of the above" I mean that either he will or he won't drive for NMS next year. 

Q: I don't follow. 

BN: Back to my original statement, he "might" drive for us, means that there are 2 possibilities, either 1: he WILL drive, or 2: he WON'T. I think that's pretty clear. 

Q: Clear as mud. 

BN: You're welcome. 

Q: Do you have anything to add to this total lack of information?

BN: Thanks for asking. Yes, I would like to point out that these veteran F1 drivers are used to driving at the highest level, competing around the world, travelling for months on end, training non-stop to maintain peak physical and mental performance, and you know what? After years of doing that, we think that slowing down, getting in a slower car, and just having fun at autocross, track days, Lemons races, or a couple of time trials, all in one of our NMS vehicles like the 99 Miata, is just the break from the routine that these guys are looking for. They're probably tired of always going first class, making big bucks, and being catered to, so we think they'll enjoy the NMS approach of low budget and tons of fun driving that we specialize in!

Q: Any final thoughts?

BN: Sure, stay tuned for more developments, because Elon Musk "might" buy our team too!

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