Tuesday, August 9, 2022

NMS-North Kicks It Up A Notch

Brian and the Team Coronautski/Bunch of Idiots have raced Lemons in this 70s Coronet, and you bet they had fun!


We like to have fun on the blog and make big announcements in the headline like NMS DRIVER TO FORMULA 1, or WE JUST GAINED 1,000 HP FOR TWO DOLLARS, which generally turn out to be not quite true! However, today's headline of kicking it up a notch means I just signed up for a 2-Day Autocross competition for not just my local PCA club, but all the Porsche clubs in New England! What exactly does "kicking it up" mean, and how much is "a notch?" Glad you asked...

                                        Lemons racing a Miata with the Bunch of Idiots, fun.

On the last weekend of August, this event will be at the former Fort Devens Army base Airfield, so from what I can see on videos of previous years, that means BIG HONKIN' AUTOCROSS COURSES! I've competed on small parking lots with maybe a 30 second driving time, and up to some larger ones that are over a minute, and I'm going to agree with the statement that "Bigger is Better!"

Even in the COVID era, having fun with BMW


OK, we've got a bigger course to drive, so what else? How about a 2 day event instead of the usual 1 day event? My math ( and I did this without a computer or adding machine) tells me that this will be 100% MORE than a 1 day event. That converts to TWICE AS MUCH! Now if you saw a box of Cap'n Crunch and it had TWICE AS MUCH cereal for the same price, well, you'd buy that thing!

Is it fun to win your class in Lemons? Brian and Julie say YES!

Oh, and another thing, the two days of driving will be on TWO DIFFERENT COURSES! Yes indeed, that sounds like twice as much fun to me! After thinking about this, maybe the theme of NMS should be "WILL DRIVE FOR FUN!"

Also fun, racing an Altima painted like a BMW-ish.


Let's just take a minute and think about what kind of people would sign up for this much fun? Who would want to spend Friday night, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday driving and hanging out with the car people? Well, the FUN PEOPLE! DUH! Those fun people are also likely to be the fastest drivers, so no doubt the competition level will be very high. I should probably go out and buy a brand new car to compete at this level, but you know what? I'm just going to stick with the current car, drive my best, and have fun anyway! Maybe I'll splurge and replace my 2 year old tires, why not, it would help boost the economy!

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