Sunday, August 7, 2022

August Autocross Report

Showing off the "Flat 6" t-shirt, which describes the car's engine, or what happens if you sit on half a dozen eggs I guess. Papaya orange hat from McLaren F1 team. 

Today I was once again at the Nassau Coliseum, where the NY Metro region of the Porsche Club of America sponsored this month's autocross competition for Porsche and other brands. Under sunny skies, a crowd of 32 drivers turned out, and competed against the clock and each other over a whopping 12 runs on a fun course set up in the parking lot. It was a bit on the warm side, but mostly sunny. That's a good thing, because on the drive home I hit some rain. You can still autocross in the rain, it's just different, and what scientists would call "slower!"

Still life photo, the red flag rests, and the water came in mighty handy!

With 32 drivers competing today, overall I ended in 10th place on PAX (times adjusted for your particular car vs higher/lower powered cars), 7th for Porsches on PAX, and in the S05 class of only 2 cars, I was in the top half! As far as REALITY, or real time, or RAW time, I was smack dab in the middle, 16th out of 32. Like they might still say on TV, let's go to the video!

That was my best run of the day, which would make me feel great if it was the last run of the day AND I had improved on every single run! However, this was run #6 in the morning. Later we had six more drives in the afternoon, so bottom line for me I wasn't any faster in the afternoon, after getting a dozen chances to figure out where to go faster. Oh well, it was still fun! At least 3 of my runs I hit a cone or just slid a bit and ruined the time, so there is a lot of room for improvement. 

My friends tell me the helmet is a pretty good look for me, but I think they like it because it covers up more of my face than the baseball hat. 

Speaking of fun, I enjoyed talking to a couple of new drivers that came out today. They both had a blast and seem to be hooked on autocross, so I bet we see them come back in the future. Driving your car fast is the main attraction with autocross, and it's very safe. The other fun part of this activity is also seeing your co-drivers you've met before, and maybe haven't seen for a month. As an example, I thought it was very cool to talk to Tom, the other driver in my class, and learn that he is a Snap-On Tool representative. If you're not familiar with Snap-On, you need to check them out, since they are considered the standard in the automotive and other mechanic's world. Here's a link to their catalog!  

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