Friday, September 2, 2022

Zone 1 Autocross

What is better than a day driving in Autocross competition? TWO days!! I had fun at this event with the Porsche Club of America, Zone 1, which I guess is New England plus New York. Here’s a look at some of the people and the cars:

Saturday Dinner

The view out on course of what used to be an Army Airfield at Fort Devens

                               Four Cayman GT4 models
Driver meeting

I’ve got coffee and I’m chalking cones on day 2: don’t mess with me it’s too early in the day!
Course walk, view of the old hangars and control tower
                                   Now a police facility. 
            Slowest time possible! Testing the timing system. 

                  60 Porsches wait to get checked for safety. 
Closed runway? X marks the spot!

This color is Frozen Berry!

                  Fastest driver on day 2, Rachel Baker in the     Frozen Berry GT4  

                                   Three Porsche 914s

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