Thursday, July 1, 2021

Fantasy Team Update


July 1st: Happy Birthday Daniel Ricciardo!

Recently I posted about my “analysis” of the F1 Fantasy drivers and teams and how they were scoring compared to their cost, and chose my Team 1 accordingly. After the race last weekend, how’d that turn out? It turned out OK, with that team scoring 179 points for me, which tied for best of the week with John D. way up there in 1st place for the NMS Fantasy League. On the bad side, my Team 1 is my worst team overall, now sitting in 5th for the year. Oddly enough, my other two teams are exactly tied with 1470 points, which is still a good margin behind John D.


If you’re interested you can still join the league, pick your own drivers and constructor team, and see how you do. You can have up to 3 teams if you want, and also see how you compare with the over 932,000 players around the world. Go to the F1 Fantasy website at: to create an account, and then you can enter our NMS LEAGUE CODE “40c87296f3” The Fantasy League is free.

Another interesting part of the F1 Fantasy Leagues is that after each race I've gotten an email with some more details on how my scores compare with the other million people playing. For instance, this week my best team scored 179, while the average score worldwide was 136, and the highest score was 296. Without going into all the scoring rules on the Fantasy game, it's complicated! But, beating the average score felt pretty good!

Fantasy wise my improved "Money-Ball" strategy did great except for one of my drivers Pierre Gasly didn't finish the race, but all my other picks scored nicely.  Anyway, there's another race coming up this weekend!

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