Saturday, July 10, 2021

World's Easiest Car Repair, With Bonus German Language Content!

 I like trying to have fun with the blog here, because as they say in a certain world famous marching band "If you're not having fun it's your own dang fault!" Yes, they really say that. At least I did when I was there! 

The fun part comes in with a new-to-me German word (most of them are new to me) "Radzierdeckel" or wheel center cap. The set of 17 inch wheels for my German auto (that was built in Finland of course) was missing one of the four center wheel caps, so I bit the bullet and spent money to get a gen-you-wine Porsche one to complete the set. Here's the new one below. If you look closely, you will see two very small holes in the dark bands of the crest. They make it easier to remove the center cap once it is installed: 


Now for the "world's easiest car repair" part, let's look at the car and figure out where this new part might fit: 


I'm guessing in that empty circular round opening in the middle of this wheel above. Let's see if we can perform this "repair" and make the new part fit. Here's a list of tools needed: 

(nothing, nada, doo-doo, zippo, empty set, zero)

See, wasn't that fun! A list of tools that is NOT a list of tools, because you don't need any tools! Oh I bet you're laughing now. Here's the view of the center cap being inserted, you can see the prongs on the back that pop this disc of goodness right into place. No glue, no string, no bolts, no  welding needed!


Whew, that was a lot of work! If I was a trained technician I'd probably have to look in the service book to see how many hours of labor to charge for that one. Since we're on the Internet, I'm going to say this one's on me, no charge! Here's the finished project!


Hey, let's get crazy here, and zoom in and check it out! Much better and improved over NOT having a center wheel cap...I mean, Radzeirdeckel!

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