Wednesday, July 28, 2021

I've Got A Hole In My Head

Hole in the head, lower right corner

Right about now, especially if you know me, you're probably thinking "Yeah right you've got a hole in your head!" Maybe I should specify that I "had" a hole in my helmet. "Well of course you have a hole in your helmet dude, that's how you put it ON!" Look smarty-pants blog reader, I KNOW about the hole to put on your helmet, I'm talking about this other one...never mind. 

Don't you just love these kinds of conversations with your friends, family, co-workers when you can just make fun of each other and laugh at their expense? I do! In this case, I upgraded my current helmet with the anchors for the head-neck restraint from my old helmet. This is very easy to do, as long as your helmet is pre-rigged with the screw in hole and you have the right hardware. That makes this post World's Easiest Helmet Upgrade!

I'm preparing for a weekend at Watkins Glen with the Porsche Club of America (a great organization, you can quote me on that), and while I don't have a real race car with a cage and a full blown driver harness and fancy racing seat, I'm taking my head/neck restraint on this trip just in case I ride along with my instructor or someone that does have a safety harness, just for that little thing we all call "safety." It's a big deal! So, on to this simple procedure, from old black helmet to new white helmet. 

1-Pry off the white hole cover, lower right

2-Place the base over the pre-threaded hole

3-Insert bolt

4-Insert screw in Allen head bolt

5-Tighten with #4 Allen wrench, say a bazillion Torque Foot-Pounds or so. 
OK, I exaggerated. Only a thousand Foot-Pounds should do it. 

Ready for Head and Neck Restraint
(Oh, and remember to do the other side too!)

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