Sunday, July 11, 2021

July Autocross Report

How do you like the new number panel?

The date of July 11th sounds like a normal day, but when you write it as 7-11 it takes on a different flavor, like an ice cold Slurpee from your favorite convenience store! Anyway, July 11th was the latest Metro NY Region autocross, and after competing a few years in autocross in hot locations like South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, guess how the weather was in New York? Yes, it was cloudy and mid 70s! Awesome for a summer day spent out on the asphalt, that's for sure! Enough about the weather, let's cut to the chase and see how we did. 

Lots of cones!

The NMS #77 Cayman finished as 7th fastest Porsche on PAX time, so I'm happy to be staying in the top 10 for the year. The final event isn't until November, but so far we're right on target in 6th overall. We had a smaller turnout today, only 15 Porsches, and 21 other brands. On a positive note, with fewer drivers we had time for more driving, as in 6 runs in the morning and 7 more in the afternoon. 13 runs is a great number, so I feel pretty happy. Oh, I wish I'd gone faster, and hit fewer cones, and I wish I didn't go too fast right at the finish line and have to stop to avoid missing a cone too. But, it's all good experience, and with nice weather it was a fun day. 

FIAT Abarth 124 Spider

Here's a video of my fastest run, which was also good enough for 1st in my small class of only 2 cars. The video is still shaky even though I was using a new phone mount on the dash of the car, but you should be able to get the general feel for the layout of the course and see a variety of turns and speeds. 

That's the highlights, without breaking it down on how each of my 13 runs went, how many bottles of water I drank, or how each of the 13 runs I broke down into 5 sector times, and other fun stats like top speed, how long each run I was coasting or on the brakes. Dang, that sounds like another blog post in the future!

1st Place out of 2 in my class

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