Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Personal Bests at CMP for 2020

The home track for NMS-South, Carolina Motorsports Park re-paved their entire surface for the first time since it was established around 1999. The Lemons race in September showed a great improvement in grip but with all of the cars on track it was difficult to really set a hot lap and see the improvement. 

This past weekend I took the red Miata back to CMP with NASA for a weekend of track time. First session Saturday morning I had an experienced instructor ride along and approve my application for a Time Trial license, so that was a great start! I'll need to compete in two TT weekends without incident before my currently provisional license can be made full. I'm looking forward to moving up to time trials where I can keep pushing to be more competitive and improve as a driver. 

Video of the final session with my fastest laps on YouTube HERE

A highlight on Saturday was finding out NASA had opened the skid pad for everyone to use. Almost no one was taking advantage of it, but I spent about 10 minutes driving in fast circles, seeing how much grip the car really had in a consistent radius. It really paid off, because I was able to apply that on track almost immediately. 

My previous best was a 1:59.9 on the old pavement. By Sunday afternoon I had dropped that down to a 1:56.5! I'm looking forward to carrying everything I learned on to the final event for NMS-South this year with Lemons at Road Atlanta in December. We'll drop the driver lineup down to 3 and push the little purple Miata for another top 10 finish. 

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