Saturday, November 7, 2020

Autocross Preview

New Improved Numbers!

This weekend the NMS Cayman will return to autocross action with the Metro NY Porsche Club of America at Tobay Beach on the south shore of Long Island. The weather is predicted to be dry and warm (for November), so it should be a great day! Besides a good number of Porsches, there are lots of other brands represented too. Depending on driver ability, you can bet that the Miatas will be quick, as well as the Honda S2000 models. A Factory Five replica Cobra will be running, so that will be nice to see in person. 

Reusable Vinyl

Porsche wise, there will be Boxsters, Caymans, and variations of the 911, and an older 944 as well. PCA starts their cars with the Street Classes and then the P, I, and M classes are increasingly modified and prepped for more performance. The NMS Cayman will be running in the S02 class, so with 265HP I'm expecting a lot of the other P cars to be faster, due to their having more power and performance enhancing modifications. The GT3, GT4, and Turbo 911s will be fun to see and hear!

Previous Magnet Numbers

OK, I will tell the truth and say that I made one improvement on the Cayman this week. This will be the debut of such a gigantic performance upgrade that it just might make the car break the speed of sound, thanks to these awesome new vinyl autocross numbers from our friends at 

Sure, they won't really make the car faster, unless you can account for the faster speed resulting from the less weight of the vinyl compared to the magnet numbers. Of course I could gain more speed by lose  more weight by eating less pizza, but what fun would that be? 

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