Thursday, November 5, 2020

Lemons Race Wrap Up

A Bunch of Idiots

The 24 Hours of Lemons guys have just released their video wrap up from the full 24 hour race at Carolina Motorsports Park, so we highly recommend you get comfy and check it out. While NMS-South and friends on the Bunch of Idiots racing team took an OUTSTANDING 2nd place OVERALL in this race, Lemons isn't really about winning or placing 2nd, so you're not going to see any mentions of the Idiots Miata in the video. Shoot, they may not even mention the winners either! Lemons is all about having fun.  Oh well, maybe next time. Go to this link for the video, and keep in mind that this was a 24 hours continuous race!


However, there is a great mention of our friends at Shellie's House of Speed and the mighty Dirtie Dirtsun old Datsun B210 that they raced, so be looking for that part of the video. 

The Bunch of Idiots are living up to their name, and planning on another Lemons Race coming up in December, so look for updates and Miata prep in the near future. 

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