Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Autocross Results

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Here's the quick look at the results from yesterday's autocross: I HAD A LOT OF FUN!

While having fun is the only result that really counts, (because why would you want to spend 9 hours at an event to drive about 40 seconds eight times?) I did OK otherwise too.  My top speed on the day was 54mph, on this run only 50mph.  Here's my fastest run. 

Now, down to business, how MUCH fun was it? For starters, in my S02 class of three total drivers, I took first place. While that is always fun, I have a feeling the other drivers had just as much fun! It was an  unbelievably great weather day on the south shore of Long Island at Tobay Beach. No wind, sunny, and low 70s or so in the afternoon, which is about as good as it gets in November. Maybe in California and Hawaii it's like that all year, so here in NY we really liked that weather. 

Tobay Beach is a unique place because all day there were lots of non-autocrossers in the same parking lot, with people going fishing, surfing, biking, or just out walking and enjoying the day. It made it a more crowded than just having the autocross drivers in one place, but it worked out OK. 

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Beyond the three of us in my class, there were a total of 24 Porsche competitors. Among that group, I took 3rd fastest on PAX (adjusted) time, and 7th fastest on RAW (actual) time. Again, there are a lot of factors involved, such as cars with more or less horsepower, and different modifications that might make them faster, but I'm very happy with a 3rd out of the Porsche world at this event. I'm a big gap away from the top 2 drivers on PAX and more drivers on RAW, but not everyone can win! 

I Believe This is Porsche Miami Blue

Overall, counting Porsche and others, my PAX time held up for 6th overall, with my RAW time still good enough for 25th. I'm pretty sure that a 6th PAX is my best ever in any event. The really good drivers would still be up in the top 10 out of hundreds of drivers at a huge event, so maybe some day I can get to that level. 

This event marked the end of the Metro NY Region Porsche Club of America autocross season for 2020, and even with the pandemic they managed to put on six events. I'm planning to enter more next year, and shoot for winning my class, and just maybe get into the club's top 10 PAX shoot out. Oh, and still having a lot of fun along the way!

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