Thursday, June 28, 2018


Today the NMS South fleet adds a Bavarian classic. I just got a great deal on a 1986 BMW 528e that I couldn't pass up. For those not in the inner BMW circles, most of their cars are most identified by the chassis designation. The first generation of the 5 series was the E12, after a few iterations they released the second generation known as the E28.
Picking up the car from Olin and Jay at Imports Only in Columbia. 

The odometer broke a little over 307,000 miles, but the straight six motor still runs smooth as butter. It has a five speed manual transmission, 8-way power seats, ice cold air conditioning, power windows and sunroof, tan leather seats, and premium cassette audio. Not bad for a car two months older than I am!
Original 2.7 liter Eta straight six motor.

The car runs and drives surprisingly well for how old it is. It does need some paint work and the interior is a little rough, but there isn't a spec of rust in sight and everything can be cleaned up or fixed. 
BMWs of this era were known as the "shark nose" deaign.

Big thanks to the previous owner, Nick! He bought the car a few years ago and decided it was time for a new owner to give it some love. More to come!

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