Friday, June 8, 2018


#374 New Magnet Numbers Day!

Friday kicks off another weekend here at NMS, so that means we’ll be following along with the Formula 1 teams racing up in Montreal (qualifying on Saturday afternoon, racing Sunday afternoon on ABC) and auto-crossing the FIAT Abarth on Sunday with the New York Region of the SCCA. We are big fans of the “have a weekend at least once per week” policy, and we hope you also support this exciting new concept!

The autocross event will be at the Nassau Coliseum where the New York Islanders used to play, so our drivers are looking forward to a larger course to drive on, and a LOT more competition. Speaking of competition, there are 16 total drivers signed up in the various Street Touring classes that we will be up against, and in the Street Touring Hot Hatch section, there are four drivers. Looking at all the classes, there are 114 folks signed up as of today, and we anticipate that there will be more walk-ups signing up and driving on Sunday too!

After being able to rack up a bunch of class wins in the last three years (yes, with very few competitors in the same class), this is a big stinking heap of tough drivers to battle for the NMS FIAT, so we’re pumped up to get out there and see how we do! Unlike the last two events in NY, the weather should be dry, not too hot, not too cold, and in fact, it’s looking to be just right!

The team engineers are planning to run some harder settings on the Koni shocks up front, and they’re also going to be closely monitoring tire pressures during competition. Getting to run on a dry track with over a hundred other sets of tires getting things all rubbered-in should be a ton of fun compared to the last two wet events and the damp BMW day we drove in New Jersey. NMS will be sporting the new #374STH magnets instead of blue painters tape numbers, so our computer driven wind tunnel back-of-the-bar-napkin calculations estimate a net gain of 0.0 seconds per run due to the magneto-resonance impact of dipolar signage compared to the inert “blue tape effect” we’ve been experiencing. No, I don’t know what that means either, but as always, any new stickers or signs on your car should add 5 horsepower!

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