Monday, June 4, 2018

Charity Car Show Part Deux

Lamborghini, HOW I ROLL!

After showing you a bunch of Ferraris and McLarens in part one, let's look around the rest of last Sunday's show in Glen Cove New York. All these show cars paid to display their rides, and the money went to help fight diabetes. We enjoyed walking around and checking out the cars, had lunch at a local restaurant, and then cruised around the cars again. 

TIP OF THE DAY: Click on the photos to see them MUCH BIGGER on your computer!

First up, let's go with the Porsche Carrera GT. From what I read on the Porsche website PORSCHE 980 this 980 model was built in 2004-2007, with only 1,270 built in total. With a 10 cylinder 5.7 liter engine, top speed is 205mph. When they were new the list price was in the $400,000 range, and a used one today would likely range from 500,000-800,000. Dollars. Or Euros. Or Pounds, whatever. 

If you really want to read a cool car review, check out what Jerry Seinfeld had to say about this model in 2004. One of his funny lines is that he's glad that German-dubbed episodes of his TV show Seinfeld bombed in Germany so that the Porsche engineers would have more time to develop more cars like this! Seinfeld Carrera Review

Porsche Carrera GT 
Porsche Carrera GT

Ferrari Challenge race car...HUGE SPOILER ALERT!

Ferrari of Long Island Challenge Car

Funky wheel on a BMW i8

This odd looking Camry-like-thing rolled by, and then I noticed it was named "Aristo" on the back. Hmm, never heard of that. Then I noticed it was right hand drive, so that told me it was a JDM car. Then I remembered that JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, sold in Japan and not the US. After 25 years you can legally import foreign cars that weren't sold here, so that explains seeing this Toyota Aristo in the US. It was also sold in Japan as a Lexus branded car too.

Toyota Aristo????

That's no moon, that's a JDM!
Stuff you don't see every day continued...some guy made his own version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. If that doesn't ring any bells with you, it's the name of a Disney movie from the 60s or 70s with a magical flying car. This isn't a movie review blog, so go watch the movie on your own with some youngsters! Check out this short clip of the movie with Dick Van Dyke and you can get the theme song stuck in your head!

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Maybe you don't see one of these everyday, but the Ford Ranchero is a unique car/truck hybrid. This one looked to be in great shape too! That head on shot of the grill with 4 headlights is something you won't find on any new cars today. While the Ranchero was built from 57-79 (and even longer in Argentina!), the 390 GT models like this one date from 1968-1969, you can see the badging and the hood scoop unique to this version!

Ford Ranchero


Funny license plates crack me up, here we go!

BMW M2 = Mr. M Deuce!

One Evil GTI

Not Bad Huh?

OK, it's not funny, but a 50 Mercury isn't something you see every day!
Ferrari = 4ARI

Orange McLaren = Vitamin C

Enough with the license plates, let's travel around the world and check out some more cool cars!

Germany = Classic BMW 2002

Germany = Porsches just look cool in orange

England = Lotus, Teddy Bear in back for some reason!

Italy = Maserati trident logo

Japan = DATSUN (not Nissan) 280Z

Italy = See the clock? And the vinyl wrapped Maserati?
What time is it?

Why not decorate your super expensive McLaren car?

Germany = Porsche SPOILER ALERT!


USA = Viper

USA = Hot rod

England = Martin. Aston Martin. Shaken not stirred. 

Volkswagen THING.
Yes, like classic VWs the engine is in the back, so that explains
what the police officers are checking out in this one! I like the
fold flat windshield. 

Not Mr. Fantastic, but THE THING. 

Ford. Wagon. Woody. Awesome!

Ford Fairmont Squire

Ford Fairmont interior, dig the bench seat! Non-stock steering wheel.

Hot Rod!
 I almost didn't realize that this next one was an OLD cop car that was a part of the show, it's a 1986 Dodge Diplomat police car.

1986 Dodge Diplomat, Nassau County NY police car!

OK, let's wrap this up with one last car I'd never seen before. This is some kind of tiny tiny Toyota from Japan. It's super tiny, has right hand drive, and had some signs on it that said you could rent it and drive it around town. My FIAT is small, but this thing is TINY! There is an entire class of small cars that are built for the Japanese market, so it's always a surprise to see any of them in the US.

From what I can tell, this is a Toyota Sport 800. Seeing it parked in between two SUVs  gives you an idea of how TINY TINY TINY this car is! The only other tidbit of info I know about this car is that Toyota has a museum in Torrance California that has one or more. Oh, and one other thing, here's a short video of FOUR of these in a car show in Long Beach CA in 2015: CARNICHIWA.COM
You can learn a lot on the Internet!

Toyota Sport 800

Toyota Sport 800

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