Saturday, April 21, 2018

Want to Drive the BMW 530e iPerformance?

Brian in the BMW 135i at BMW Factory South Carolina

Those wacky German automakers from Bavaria are making an offer you can't refuse! For the price of exactly FREE, you can sign up now to drive at one of their Ultimate Driving Experience days in a few locations in the US, and get to drive some of their cars. I just signed up for the May 20th event at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. That should add up to a couple hours with a bit of instruction and a chance to set a time on their autocross course. Of course it's a competition, so if I can somehow magically go faster than everyone else, there will be some kind of prize. Hey, the worst thing that could happen is that I'm the slowest BMW driver ever, don't win a prize, and have to "settle" for only a fun filled day driving BMWs! Sounds like a winner!

The NMS experience with BMW has always been good, and includes Brian's review of an X5 SUV a year or so ago that he rented and drove for a week. On another occasion we both got to drive the BMW 1 series on their test track in South Carolina, so we both are fans of the brand. Not that we've ever bought one, but BMW does have a great reputation.

Brian at the South Carolina BMW Factory

According to the event website BMW   I'll be getting to drive the 530e iPerformance car that has a twin turbo gas engine AND an electric motor, and also the new X2 SUV, so just getting to try out some new wheels sounds like a good deal to me! Competition wise, I've only got a few years of autocross experience, so in addition to that I'll throw in my 1st place in one of the FIAT driving competitions when I got to drive at the Abarth Experience at the Autobahn Country Club in Joliet IL. Who knows, I've never driven in any competition events (other than the NJ Turnpike!) in NJ, so maybe there's another victory coming soon.

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