Wednesday, April 11, 2018

California Surfin'

Just another Ferrari on the I-5

The entire NMS team got together recently in California for a big family get-together, and while we didn't make it to Laguna Seca, the Porsche Driving Experience, or any other automotive destinations, we sure had fun and spotted a lot of cars along the way. While we only saw a couple of Ferraris on the road, we know that there are more out on the West Coast than in most parts of the world.

As far as driving goes, I'm going to have to state that the average driver in California is way more polite and laid back than the average driver I've seen on Long Island. Maybe it's the nicer weather, or because it was Easter and April Fool's weekend, but overall the driving was easy! And speaking of driving, we had rented a Nissan Rogue for the trip, and found it to be a nice size SUV for 5 adults, and it easily got us where we needed to go and hauled all our luggage for the weekend as well.

Nissan Rogue

My experience at Dollar rental car was OK, and at the San Diego airport they run your paper work and then tell you where the cars are, and you just pick the one you want. Given a choice of white, silver, and gray SUVs, naturally we picked the blue one seen here! While it didn't handle exactly like my little FIAT, it worked fine. One thing we like in San Diego is that all the rental cars are located in one huge parking garage that is a short shuttle bus away from the terminals.


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