Wednesday, April 4, 2018

NMS Does Iceland

We'd like to thank NMS family member Katie for visiting Iceland recently and gathering some photos of unusual vehicles that she spotted. I've only been to the airport in Iceland, so maybe I need to get around a little more and arrange for another trip to Iceland some time soon!

As you might imagine, things can be a bit wintry in Iceland, so you might think that there are nothing but all wheel drive vehicles with snow tires on them. You'd probably be right too! However, Katie also spotted a nice Sunbeam parked on the street, so that is quite a surprise, and it's always exciting to spot a Sunbeam!

This bus looks like it's ready to roll all year round with these big tires!

Honest, a Sunbeam in Iceland. Looks like pretty regular tires, convertible top. Nice surprise!

This looks like your average Dodge pickup in the US, but take a look at these tires! I'm not sure, but they look like they would also fit a Hummer too!

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