Monday, April 9, 2018

New York International Auto Show: Part Two

Let's look at the COOL cars from last weekend. You know, the drool worthy and super fast, "if you have to ask the price you can't afford it" kind of cars.

Bugatti. The US premiere of the Bugatti Chiron Sport. If you are
getting all the coins out of your couch, it costs $3.26 MILLION
DOLLARS. For that price, you get everything you see here, and
1,500 HORSEPOWER. We throw in more capital letters for FREE. 

Despite the shape that reminds me of a toilet seat that they
use for the front grill, you've got to love the Bugatti. The "16" is there
just in case you forgot how many cylinders your 3 million dollar car
has inside it's massive engine. We did the math and can say that this
works out to about $187,500 per cylinder. Maybe I could afford

the air in the tires. 

Lamborghini. Say it with an Italian accent, it's OK. 

The Lamborghini Urus SUV. 

This is the first time I've seen a Rimac, probably because this is
the first one in North America. If the 1,500 HP Bugatti isn't enough
for you, this puppy has 1,888 HP! You want TORQUE (here come the
capital letters again) this has 1,696 ft-lbs of it. SPEED? It goes 258 mph if
you have enough road, and hits 0-60 in a STUPID FAST 1.85 seconds.
That's just CRAZY FAST!
Built in Croatia!

Very excited to see a Koenigsegg in person. Mr. Koenigsegg of Sweden
decided he wanted to build the fastest car in the world. I think he has!
This white one is the Regera model. 

And now I'm very excited to see TWO Koenigseggs in person,
side by side no less! THIS ONE IS THE AGERA RS.

 It recently set FIVE WORLD SPEED RECORDS, including...

1: Highest Top Speed Production Vehicle: 277.87mph
2: Zero to 400kph and BACK down to Zero in 33.29 seconds

(Sorry for a short pause here, my jaw is still dropped, unable to recover)

Acura NSX. I think this is from a racing series, since it's carbon fiber
looking all over. One of these would be a great stocking stuffer
at Christmas time for your favorite NMS team members. 

Acura NSX

V12. As in this car has a 12 cylinder engine. Hmm, what in the
world could it be? It's a plain gray color, looks to have a regular
gas engine fuel door here. Now WHO in the world is making a
V12 that I didn't hear about?

HOLY CRAP! A BMW 7 Series V12!!! To be precise,
it's a BMW M series, 760i. I looked on line but didn't see any
price for this yet, but let's just say that a similar Alpine B7(a modified BMW 7 series)
with only a V8 sells for about $130,000, so this thing will be
somewhere north of that price I suppose. 

Oh, another BMW i8, I saw one in my neighborhood recently. Oh
but this is in a cool color, and it says "Roadster" on it. 

Did you notice the "Doors Locked" sign in the previous picture?
While the Jeep and Toyota folks were outside the convention hall offering
test drives, the BMW folks were not, and didn't let you sit in this particular
high end model. Needless to say, we haven't test driven the i8 yet, although we liked
the much cheaper i3 that we drove a couple of years ago. 

While we're talking big horsepower, how about a V10 in an Audi?

OK, how about another V10 in another Audi?

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