Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Off Season Upgrades Begin

While NMS-North is prepping for a move, the Southern division is looking to stay put and make some improvements. First up, the facility improvements to handle the upcoming year include one new tool storage cabinet.  The garage has been overflowing with stuff in the last year, so it was time to make an investment and clean up the space.
There's even room for a whole sticker drawer now!

2018 will see the Miata get a few safety upgrades to keep continue participating in track days. Primarily the focus was going to be proper racing seats and five point harnesses to compliment my driving suit and HANS device, however this morning things took a quick turn.
Top and stand in great condition!

Late Friday night, a Miata hard top was posted on several Facebook groups for about 25% less than the normal going price.  I know these things disappear fast at any price, so first thing Saturday morning I was messaging the seller and suddenly found myself the first interested buyer and on my way to the south end of Charlotte, NC.
The Silverado swallows the top with ease on a very rainy day.

The seller was a great guy who was just trying to help is elderly dad sell his British Racing Green Miata that he had purchased new in 1993.  The car was in great shape and so was the hard top.  Lucky for me, he just wanted it gone and I made a really good deal on the top.
The two inch damaged spot.

He was even nice enough to throw in the original Mazda hard top stand too! They're a bit rare, so I'll decide if I want to keep it or sell it on and make the purchase an even better deal. The top only has one blemish where it was probably set down too hard on the stand but nothing structural or even very visible from a few feet away. Killer deal.

I'll keep saving up and later this winter we'll check back when I decide on seats and harnesses and install them. The top may get a coat of black paint, so stay tuned for that progress as well.

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