Saturday, October 14, 2017

An NMS Weekend of Firsts!

No, it's not our "first weekend", because we try very hard to ALWAYS have one of them at least once a week, 52 times a year, EVERY year! This weekend has a few firsts, as follows:

Brian will compete in a RallyCross on Sunday with the South Carolina Region of the Sports Car Club of America, driving the Datsun B210 (and some other letters and numbers, who comes up with these names!). After completing a few runs last month with a different driver, the radiator damage caused by the fan malfunction has been repaired, so we should have some fun results from Brian and the rest of the Dirtie Datsun Destroyers after tomorrow's event in South Carolina.

In the meantime, before tomorrow that is, Brian and the Dodge Coronet Lemons team are back under the hood and pulling the transmission to replace the failed clutch that hit during the Lemons race last week. Are weekends great or what?


Robert has wrapped up the rental house NMS-North HQ in VA Beach, and will run one more autocross event with the Tidewater Sports Car Club tomorrow. Our math-engineering-computer-analysis-team (ME-CAT, meow!) shows that with the October event and scoring some points, and then missing the season finale in November should leave the FIAT Abarth in at least 12th place overall for the season, a great improvement over last year's 20th place, and the 29th overall in 2015. If by some huge stroke of luck or paying off some drivers with huge sums of cash a few folks ahead of the FIAT manage to miss the last two events, NMS could slide up to 11th or 10th, but the odds against this (again as determined by some number crunching by the ME-CAT team) are exactly a gazillion to one. The NMS-North team just moved to Virginia Beach three years ago this month, so moving on to New York will be tough.

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