Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Driving North

Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
OK, so this blog is about driving, so here's some driving for ya! Moving from Virginia Beach to Long Island (or, "Lon---GUYland") last week had the mighty FIAT crossing the cool Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, up the Eastern Shore of Virginia (flat, flat, farms), through some of Maryland, a bunch of Delaware WAY off the interstate just for fun on two lane roads, onto the Interstate and New Jersey Turnpike (yes, you still can't pump your own gas in NJ), and then past Newark airport, MetLife Stadium, over the George Washington Bridge and the Cross Bronx Expressway, down over the Throgsneck Bridge (gotta look up that name some time), and out onto Long Island.
Looks like Maryland up ahead!

From having driven on toll roads, turnpikes, and bridges/tunnels with tolls over the years, the new EZ Pass stuck on the front windshield made the trip very simple as far as paying tolls goes, so if you are anywhere near a toll road I can vote thumbs up on the ol' EZ Pass, since it really makes things EZ. Sure, it still stinks to be paying to drive on a road, but whattyagonnadoaboutit?
Day 1 = 40MPG on the FIAT!

Hey, and thank goodness for travel apps and GPS too! Thanks to technology I can say that this was the easiest trip thru New York City I've ever done, and that's now a grand total of TWO! Some years ago I drove over Staten Island and Long Island, and then north to West Point, so I guess I'll recommend always taking the train, bus, or limo if you have a choice!

George Washington Bridge into NYC

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