Tuesday, October 10, 2017

NMS Supports October 10th as "Racer Day"

NMS: The Red Car Collection

We've introduced our share of new national holidays, such as "Give Thanks for Racing Day" on the 4th Thursday of November, and "Buy Your Buds Some Race Car Parts Day" on December 25th. Today we're announcing that we support the effort to make October 10th "Racer Day". The numerical designation for 10/10, or (10.10 if you're feeling European), or even 10-10, can be considered the same as a race car driver going all out, or "ten tenths." You really don't want to be going Ten Tenths in your everyday Toyota Camry on the way to the grocery store, because the car really isn't made to do that and all the other drivers will not know what to do if you wheel into the parking lot on two wheels. Everyday driving should probably be about Six Tenths, or maybe up to 70% of your maximum ability to use 100% of the car's ability. Unless you drive a Yugo, then you should probably be going all out all the time!

Our Favorite Track

Sure, there are plenty of other odd days that sound made up, like Asparagus Day, Asphalt Appreciation Day, or National Cookie Day, but we think that Racer Day 10-10 is something everyone can support. While it is close to Columbus Day, which should be replaced with Native American Day, it's still far enough away from Halloween and April Fool's Day (our favorite two days), to make the 365 day year just a little bit better! Also, it's just far enough after Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th, every year) to allow all the stores to re-stock from Piratey Stuff to Racer Stuff.

NMS Does Lemons

Whatever day you're celebrating today, make it a safe one!

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